The Mighty ProcessThe mighty Process

For a successful life God gave us the Commandments. For avoiding average work Black Eye give you the Mighty Process - our blueprint to ensure you get potent results from every project we do.



Pretty pictures? That’s the easy bit. But first we put our grey matter to work on the stuff that makes it effective, whether we’re building a website or designing a logo. Our research gets us to the bottom of your business, your customers, and above all, your vision



What’s the point of all that thinking if you don’t put it to good use? By sorting through our research, we can help define your strategy. So that the work we do reaches the right people and has the right effect.



So it’s time to get making. We’ve got experts on hand across every advertising, design and digital discipline. Many of them fine-tuned their skills in London before being drawn to Sheffield’s dazzling lights. It’s here we set the visual style that can be carried across every touch point at which your customer meets your brand.



We may be mighty, but we’re not arrogant. So we know how important it is not to stop when the work is seemingly done. We never stop looking for improvement. Online, this may mean testing - and retesting. In every discipline it means becoming your brand guardians. We can get pretty protective over the great work we create.



Maintaining mighty is a task that’s never complete. If we’ve designed your website, you might want to choose Black Eye Care, capturing backups, providing server maintenance and even making responsive improvements when user feedback kicks in.