Cereal thriller


Aldi’s range of breakfast cereals lacked a consistent brand identity. There was nothing giving it any get up and go. And let’s face it, most of us could do with a little help in the mornings. We needed to provide Aldi with a consistent style that gave their range a distinctive brand feel, and made mornings (and breakfast cereal shopping) that little bit more appetising. 


Sometimes, revolution isn’t the order of the day. This was about applying tried and tested design principles, and making sure they hit the spot right across the range.

“Our goal was to create packaging that was fully in tune with the contents.”

Howard, Creative Director


Up first, the masthead. This, along with bold colours and use of negative space, boosted brand prominence and created a consistent family presence across the entire range. 

We cut out the clutter and found ways to simplify and unify the elements that had to be there. Every bowlful of product was shot the same way. Cheeky and fun tone-of-voice mottos were introduced to highlight product benefits or flavours. Finally, we designed a full suite of health and benefit icons for use across the range on front, rear, and sides of pack.

Consistency doesn’t just look the part, it helps customers recognise the brand quickly too. So now the range can brighten mornings, and shelves, everywhere.

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