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Aldi were launching new brands offering sauces, marinades and relishes. They needed distinctive brand identities that gave a flavour of the contents quickly. When it comes to supermarket shopping, customers only want to spend a short time in store. And when the brand isn’t advertised out of store, the packaging has to communicate a lot, instantly. So first we set out researching the market, to get a taste for their audience and competitors.


The burger relish brand was for every juicy burger in a bun fan, with a skew towards families. It had to feel accessible and fun - everyone loves a BBQ, right? The American-themed marinades and sauces offered a more grown-up taste. Authenticity is used as a short-cut to flavour, so we opted for an identity that oozed the Deep South, a place recognised for its barbecue roots.


The ‘Just Good Sauce Co’ is a simple, honest name that reflects on the quality inside the bottle. The labels featured fun, quirky, illustrated characters that were a nod to the personality-packed contents. Bold, colourful type focused on the ingredients, making them easy to spot on the shelf, with further info added in lighthearted copy lines.

When it came to the American option, we chose a name, Skeeter’s, that was dripping with good ol’ US flavour. The pared-back design, with a block print effect on single colour labels, ensures the name stands out right away.

Being bold and easily identifiable is just what’s needed for brands whose primary promotion is on the supermarket shelf. By understanding the variation in the audiences and products, we created two distinctive brands that did just that job and got everyone wanting to fire up the grill.

“It‘s all about good times and we wanted the sauces to be very much part of that.”

Rob, Senior Designer

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