Bringing ALDI to tiers of relief


Like most people, many of Aldi’s customers were not wine and spirit experts. When faced with Aldi’s intimidatingly wide assortment, the customers’ lack of product knowledge created choice paralysis and diminishing sales.


We identified a clear lack of quality differentiation, but instead of reducing the assortment, we decided to clearly categorise and systematically organise it to make it more approachable and accessible.

“Black Eye Project just get it everytime. It’s why they’re our agency of choice for beers, wines and spirits.”

Josh Heley, ALDI Buying Director


Through brand creation, distinctive packaging design, stock selection, print finish and techniques, iconography, and product descriptors, we created a “good, better, best” tiering system for almost 1000 seasonal and core wines. By designing a consistent visual shortcut, customers could effortlessly make a purchase based on price and quality. Through this new-found confidence, customers are encouraged to try new wines from their preferred category and to elevate their choices.
We also developed a client-facing digital 'wine cellar'. This innovative database enables Aldi to keep abreast of all touch points by viewing any wine by type, country, tier, brand, season or launch. By designing to human behaviour, we created an entire marketing eco-system at every customer touch point to make the purchasing process easier for everyone. Cheers!

“A stunning bottle of spritzy tropical zesty flair… order a dozen!”

Olly Smith, Wine Expert

“We created a ‘good, better, best’ tiering system for almost 1000 wines.”

Dan, Account Manager

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