A glass of two halves


Broadland Drinks approached us to create a brand for a new liqueur they had created. Keen to show their innovation in their sector, they’d created Kindred, a non cream liqueur with an array of interesting flavour combinations. It was designed to appeal to women of all ages who like to have an impressive range of options in their at-home drinks cabinet. These are people who enjoy experimenting with new flavours and combinations, and who their friends turn to for inspiration on the latest ideas. They’re at the forefront of the demand for new flavours and mixers in the at-home drinks market. Broadland Drinks needed a brand that would fit in with these trends, yet stand out on the shelf.


Kindred is all about Together. Drinks you’ll enjoy together for wonderful times with friends. Flavours coming together to create mouthwatering tastes. Telling the story of something amazing happening when ingredients unite became the basis of our creative work.

“Inspiration came from books of fairytales which led us to communicating the brand story through crafted typography.”

Howard, Creative Director


Boldly simple labels allow these brightly coloured drinks to grab customers by the eyeballs. The dual colour split on the neck label and product name gives a subtle nod to the together premise. This device is continued through other communications, such as print and online, to create a consistent Kindred style. Keeping the look of the labels clean doesn’t only help give a premium feel, but allows space for the short love stories to be enjoyed. These stories give Kindred a quirky, identifiable edge that is true to the brand’s vision of togetherness. In a sector where brands often rely on traditional and olde worlde cues, we gave Kindred something fresh, tasty, and true to the brand origins.

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