Making waste taste good


Food waste is a huge problem, not only in homes but also on farms. 20% of onions and 25% of apples that are harvested in the UK never make it onto the supermarket shelves. They’re part of the 1.5bn tonnes of food rejected by supermarkets worldwide due to their appearance.

To help tackle this problem, Morrisons introduced a range called Naturally Wonky. This is produce that would ordinarily be rejected because of how it looks. It costs around a third of the standard price too. Not only is that great for customers and the planet, it helps farmers too as they sell more produce. And they asked us to help communicate all this to customers on the new fruit and veg packs. That’s a lot to say, with not a lot of space to say it in. 


The language in this category can be quite challenging. Words like ‘waste’, ‘wonky’ and ‘ugly’have to be handled carefully.

“It’s not your fruit & veg’s job to look good, but to taste good.”

Jim, ECD & Founder


We had to find a way to turn what were previously perceived as negatives into positives. To do this, it wasn’t about shying away from them but celebrating and owning them. So the end result was joyful and positive, bold and clear.

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