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Tiling adhesive experts BAL (British Adhesives Ltd) had created a new range of products to appeal to tilers and tradespeople - but they didn’t have a brand. The competition was a sea of similarity with little stand out on shelf. Our brief was to establish the tone, attitude and style to set this new brand apart.


This is a product aimed directly at tradespeople, so we chose to speak their language. ‘Tiler’s Mud’ is British building site slang for grout (the core product) and so MUDD was born.

“It’s a brand that fully acknowledges there’s a lot of tilers out there under 30... our client’s next generation of customers.”

Tom, MD & Founder


We created a brand that was instantly recognizable and easily memorable. The name was simple and direct, and the bold approach followed to create stand out both in trade ads and on the shelf.

Bold colours, graphics and a contemporary look bring the brand characteristics consistently through to the packaging, launch materials and website.

To make a statement in this category we made sure BAL didn’t just realise a product range but launched a brand.

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