Sip, don’t gulp


The wine buyers at Aldi had a problem. They had access to an incredible range of premium wines, yet they were a little too pricey for their current top tier. They needed to create a new knockout brand specifically to house these spectacular wines, which is why they came to us.


Class and sophistication were the wine order of the day. This is Aldi’s luxury tier. True luxury breeds desirability, and is created through exclusivity. This justifies the higher price point in the shopper’s psyche.

“A level of print finish and detail that screams these wines are different league.”

Frankie, Associate Creative Director


Every element had to quietly whisper (rather than shout) luxury. First, the name. To those in the know, the Winemaster needs no introduction. Their recommendation immediately reassures you of a certain level of taste and quality, increasing its desirability and setting your mouth watering. Lot can relate to the lot number. By lowering the run of stock, interest is increased (we always want we can’t have!). Lot also has connotations of the art world, where it refers to items in an auction. Hence, Winemaster’s Lot was born.

The design followed the premium, artistic feel. Black can transform a brand, instantly conveying a premium look and feel. Gold highlights only emphasised the dark hues, with foil finishes furthering the elegant aesthetic. As a final touch, an embossed tag added the feel of handcrafted attention. Together, it was a stylish display of understated opulence.

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